Honest, client centered, solution oriented, legal advice since 1977.

We know that you want more than what the “Old Boys Club” can deliver. We have never subscribed to the Club, and we want more for you and our industry. We are honest, determined, and accountable. We are innovative and inclusive. We are authentic.
We are invested in dismantling the systemic barriers in the legal industry. We foster an inclusive work environment. We embrace diversity in our team and in the clients we serve.
Our primary objective is you. We don’t measure our success by our numbers; we succeed when you achieve and you’re satisfied. We know you’re not tethered to the incumbent traditional law firm model; neither are we. You require more than legal expertise, and we deliver. You want integrated, multidisciplinary services, and we provide them. You require services delivered more efficiently, cost effectively, and transparently and we serve accordingly.
It has been our great honour and privilege to serve you and your predecessors since 1977. We have contributed to extraordinary success, cultivated authentic long-term relationships, and built generational permanence.
We assist you through life’s major milestones, while helping you create, preserve, and transfer wealth and wellbeing. In your latter years and thereafter we attentively, respectfully, with great expertise, kindness, compassion, and sincerity, preserve dignity and uphold legacies.
We marshal legal skills and practical experience to solicitously lead you through life.

Proudly setting the standard in client care for the Greater Victoria community.

Our law firm was established in 1977 by David Wilson and Scott Marshall, and we have a proud history of service to the local community. We are committed to adhering to the highest standards of quality, technical proficiency, integrity, and client service.
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