Olivia Southern, MBA



The esteemed CFO and CSO at our firm, Olivia is committed to driving financial and sustainability objectives. With over six years of experience in the company, she has risen from an assistant to a crucial member of our leadership team, providing assistance with legal matters and strategic planning. Olivia recently graduated with an MBA in Sustainable Innovation from the University of Victoria. She ensures that the Law Society’s trust accounting requirements are consistently upheld and collaborates with lawyers, staff members and accountants to maintain the firm’s financial integrity.

She is also a champion of innovative financial and business tactics that support our strategic plan, improve sustainability and profitability, and keep us ahead of evolving legal industry trends.As our CSO, Olivia is spearheading the development of our sustainability plan, which emphasizes a triple-bottom-line approach: people, planet, and profit. Her expertise in sustainable development ensures that we align with our Sustainable Development Goals and contribute positively to society. Olivia frequently interacts with external stakeholders to engage in the community and drive socially responsible initiatives.When she’s not leading our firm’s financial and sustainability efforts, you can find Olivia exploring new cuisines in her kitchen, getting lost in a captivating novel, or soaking up the sun on long beach walks along our magnificent coastline.

  • BA in English, Minor in Business, University of Victoria (2020)
  • MBA in Sustainable Innovation, Business Administration, University of Victoria (2023)
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